Big Impact Retailers

I love learning about companies that are working hard to care for our precious Earth. It’s really inspiring to know there is good in the world, don’t you think?

You probably know by now how much I love Rothys. They are more than great shoes. I love what they stand for and their mission to help the earth from suffocating in plastic.

#savethefishies Fact No. 101:

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans.

Another great company I recently found has a similar vision. They are passionate about marine conservation, rescue, and preserving our oceans.

This company is Sand Cloud.

Sand Cloud is a super cool, beachy, fun apparel company that creates beautiful (and affordable) products. Their tees are made from recycled plastic water bottles!! How cool is that? And, 10% of their profits are toward marine conservation ❤

As an added bonus – here is a 25% off coupon just for you!

Sharks are Awesome Eco Tee
Blue Steel Leggings

They also make reef safe sunscreen made in the USA!

Organic Reef Safe Sunscreen

They have hats, towels, recycled sunglasses, wineglasses, and more!

Whale Shark Towel

If you want to check them out – here is a 25% off coupon you can use!

Gorgeous and affordable sunglasses

I just recently discovered these smokin HOT (and polarized!!) shades. Living in Florida makes me very conscious of the dangers of sun exposure, as much as I adore the glorious sunshine almost every day. While we do a great job of slathering on SPF all over our skin, we don’t always care for our eyes as we should. I have a hard time finding sunglasses of decent quality, that look and feel great as well, so I used to default to my kohl’s or TJ Maxx cheapies (that provided zero protection).

Until now!

Recently I discovered Blenders eye-wear. They have so many great styles at a wallet-friendly price. I can’t even express how excited I was to discover quality (with UV protection), great looking sunglasses at this price – OMG! I am officially ob-sessed y’all!

My absolute favorite pair when I’m out on the boat or running errands is the blue angel polarized (aviator style). These functional and super stylish sunnies are under $50!!

Tip: You can get $20 off your first pair of Blenders with my link here.


If you have Rakuten (formerly ebates), you can also get 3% cash back and they regularly have exclusive deals (currently it’s a 20% off coupon code!). And, if you are new to Rakuten, you can get a $10 sign up bonus with my link here.

Sunglasses - BLUE ANGEL

My go-to for beach fun or pool time are the Pacific Grace (also Polarized, and under $40!):

Pacific Grace
Use my discount link to get these for under $20!

My husband LOVES this style (Black Tundra), which are very similar to his pricey Ray Bans:

Sunglasses - BLACK TUNDRA

They are having great deals now on their sale page as they get ready for new seasonal styles, so with the $20 discount you could actually get then for next to nothing!


The best swimsuits for every body!

Hello lovelies!

It’s February 7th – do you know what that means? Winter is half-way over! I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of hot days on the lake (or pool, or beach!).

I’m definitely in need of a swimwear refresh for this summer, so I’ve been hunting down some of the best rated, affordably priced, and versatile suits out there. Here are my favorites that I think you will love too!

This post contains affiliate links – view full disclaimer here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

Keep in mind while you are shopping that most of these sites pay cash back through Rakuten! If you are new to Rakuten, you can score a $10 bonus when you sign up (for free) through my link. To learn even more, check out my post here.

Kona Sol

This brand is owned by Target, so it’s found exclusively in their stores or online at They pride themselves as size inclusive, and proudly feature models of all shapes, sizes, and colors (un-retouched or photoshopped!) in their ads. Well done, Target! Their swimwear is gorgeous, and of course affordable.



If affordability is important to you – then head over to I don’t know where you could find a better selection at killer prices. Seriously, you can get a great looking suit for under $20 (some sale items are in the $15 range).

This one is on sale for $17.99!

They also have a wide range of sizes, with stunning options up to 4X.



We all know Amazon is a great place to find just about anything you could possibly want or need. Here are some beauties you should definitely consider!

Wavely Women Plus Size Swimwear One Piece Ruffled Pink
BeachQueen Women Plus Size One Sexy Piece Swimsuit Ruched Swimwear White Leaf, Large (US 12-14)

Swimsuits for All

The holy grail of fun-in-the-sun style and comfort. These suits are made for real people – all ages and sizes – and are so pretty! Plus they have some fantastic clearance sales. Check them out…

Meet Me in Mexico - Rio Plunge One Piece Swimsuit
alt view - Playa Classic Tankini Top - Detail
alt view - Technicolor Lightweight Blouson Tankini Top

Real Good.

1.2 million recycled plastic bottles never looked so good. 30+ new swimsuits made with REPREVE® recycled fibers from plastic bottles. These were made for real women, with real bodies. All tops and bottoms are currently $20, which is so great! You can shop Real Good swimwear at American Eagle here. I’m seriously crushing on these eco-friendly, Earth loving beauties!

real good swim

Aerie High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom
Aerie Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit
Aerie High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Happy swimsuit shopping! It doesn’t have to be painful and depressing with these versatile styles and sizes, and you won’t break the bank either! Enjoy!

Where to find the best tops to pair with leggings

I need more leggings in my life – how about you? They are perfect for working from home, or running errands on the weekends (they – are – pants!). A huge leap above pajamas, and a small upgrade from joggers (which I also love) – but oh so comfy! If I’m not going to the office, or really anywhere besides the grocery store and hauling kids around, why not be as comfortable as possible.

The great thing about leggings, is that you can also dress them up a bit to look totally put together (hello Rothys!!). It’s also important (for me) to have enough *ahem* coverage, if you will. I don’t want my rear end on display. If you are in the same boat, check out these fabulous tops to pair with leggings that will cover your butt!

Before you shop – don’t forget to use your Rakuten account for cash back! If you don’t have an account yet, and want a $10 bonus, you can sign up with my link here. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can read more on my post here. It’s the best!!

This post contains affiliate links – view full disclaimer here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

Gap tunic sweaters:

These are a great length and provide a bit of warmth if needed. They can also be layered for extra comfort or a pop of color! Some of these are on sale for as low as $25 in limited colors / sizes.

True Soft Textured V-Neck Tunic Sweater

Target tunics

I’m loving these cozy options. They are all unique, and super affordable (spoiler: the plaid is on clearance!) – and best yet, the length is great!

Wander by Hottotties Women's Charolotte Drop Shoulder Thermoregulation Tunic - image 2 of 3
Women's Crewneck Fleece Tunic Sweatshirt - Universal Thread™ Purple - image 1 of 9
Women's Plus Size Plaid Long Sleeve V-Neck Tunic Shirt - Universal Thread™ Red - image 1 of 3


Stella & Dot

The jewelry we all know and adore also sells gorgeous clothes! They have the most uh-mazing side zipper pullover tunic (as shown below) which is a perfect way to top off your favorite leggings. And did you know Stella & Dot has great leggings too… yep, it’s true! A few of them are on clearance too, so hurry!


But of course! Amazon has tons of tunics for women to wear with leggings. Any shape, size, style or material you can think of is pretty much available here. Check out the reviews for some real-life pics of how other ladies styled their tunics.

Women's Premium Rayon Short Sleeve Round Hem and Neck TOP (Large, mid Grey)
Womens T Shirts Cute Tops Flowy Blouses Juniors Soft Tunics Black S
Urban CoCo Women's Crewneck Solid Color Twist Hem T-Shirt (S, Navy Blue)

Old Navy:

Aren’t these gorgeous! I wanted to post them ALL but I narrowed it down to my favorite three. Spoiler: one of these is on sale for $15!!

Floral-Print Popover Split-Neck Tunic for Women
Lightweight Pullover Tunic for Women
Plaid Pullover Tunic for Women

Lilly Pulitzer:

If you are looking for ultra-feminine and bright cheerful colors, Lilly is your gal! Check out these tunics just screaming for summer!

Kaia Knit Tunic Top, Iris Blue Namastay In The Jungle, large
Shea Silk Tunic Top, Multi Island Escape, large


How to return Rothys – it’s so easy!

So you took the leap and invested in a beautiful, comfortable, sustainable, washable shoe! Congratulations!! But, oh no, what if they don’t fit quite right? Well, don’t fret….we will fix this.

Rothys are known to be a bit finicky in sizing. Typically ladies size up a half size or so in flats (I’m in between 9 – 9.5 in non Rothys, and I wear a 9.5 in flats). Usually the points run a bit small, especially if you have wider feet (I wear a 10). Occasionally a particular color will run a bit larger or smaller than what we expect. It just happens and it is what it is. But not to worry, the Happy Returns Bar is your best friend!

It all started when I ordered my first pair of Rothys sneakers. I ordered a 9.5, but unfortunately they were a bit snug. I really really didn’t want to hassle with a return, so I wore them around the house for about 30 minutes thinking I would get used to them. Nope. And from everything I read and have experienced with my flats and points, the way the fit out of the box is they way they will always fit.

So I decided I would have to return them. Fortunately, Rothys partners with the Happy Return Bar to make returns super simple and fast. All you do is go to the Rothys or Happy Returns website to find a Happy Return location, drop off the shoes, and you will get your refund almost instantly.

I used the Happy Returns Bar at a World Market store near me. Having never done this before, I simply walked in, asked a cashier how to do a “Happy Return”, and she called over another associate to help me. The associate briefly looked over the shoes, then asked me for my email address (affiliated with my Rothy’s account).


I totally forgot to initiate the return on my end, which was no issue at all. She pulled up my account on her tablet, clicked a few buttons, then asked me if I wanted a return or exchange. From her tablet I had the option of selecting a different product for an exchange, but I had my kids with me and in the 3 minutes we had been in the store they were already getting cranky. In the interest of time, I opted for a return.

To purchase these sneakers I used some referral credits, and the Happy Returns lady had no clue if I would get the credit back, or how it would work. I could not imagine Rothys not re-crediting my account, but neither of us knew. Again, I was pressed for time, so I took a leap of faith – I figured if they didn’t issue me a refund credit I would take it up with them later.


Sure enough in a matter of minutes (maybe faster but I didn’t look right away), I received a refund for my out of pocket costs AND my credits were back – phew! The entire process was probably 2 minutes, seriously. I was so thrilled with the experience, and I have so much less stress about Rothys sizing knowing I can very easily return or exchange them if needed.

If you are looking to purchase your first pair, you are welcome to use my link for $20 off (and I will get a $20 credit, so thanks so much if you do!).

Also, don’t forget to use Rakuten for cash back. If you don’t have a Rakuten account yet you can use my referral link for a $10 bonus – check it out here! I love Rakuten so much, and wrote about it here if you are interested in learning more.

The Best Dresses on Amazon under $40

You can find some gorgeous dresses on Amazon at great prices. I’ve done a lot of the searching for you, and here’s my list of the best “cheap” dresses on Amazon. All of these are under $40, and some are much less.

My criteria:

  • Minimum of 4-star average review
  • Under $40
  • They all include reviews with pictures of real customers wearing them. This is so helpful when figuring out sizing!

Looking for a specific ocassion?

This post contains affiliate links – view full disclaimer here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.



These dresses have great reviews and are affordable options for cocktail parties, and semi-formal events.



Always look professional and put-together at the office with a simple dress. No worries about matching tops and bottoms with the ease of a dress – don’t you love that!


These casual picks can be dressed up or down for block parties, brunch, or barbecues. Plus, they are comfortable enough to wear just running errands. Low effort for high reward!



Easy. Breezy. Flowy. And beautifully inexpensive!

Rothys – Points vs Flats

This post is an honest review (my own opinion) of two styles of Rothys.

This post also contains affiliate links. If you use my referral code, or purchase from my link, there is no additional cost to you, and I will receive a small commission (thank you very much in advance!).

If you’re not familiar with the brand, I highly recommend reading about who they are, and what they do, on their website here. It’s truly inspiring! To sum it up (in their own words):

At Rothy’s, we create beautiful, comfortable, washable shoes—sustainably. To date, we’ve transformed over 45 million plastic water bottles into stylish flats. And that’s just the beginning.

Don’t you love that?! You can probably begin to see why they are so special (if you didn’t already know), and why they have a cult following of passionate fans in love with their shoes. They check ALL the boxes.

Their product line includes several styles, each with a unique personality, which (for me anyway) makes it really hard to decide which to purchase. I really had the hardest time, and hemmed and hawed over it for weeks (literally).

They are all just so perfect in their own special way.

Full disclosure about me and my decision making process –

I work from home 90% of the time. I have a regular corporate job which I do from the comfort of my home (and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have this flexibility). Because of this, my work attire is usually “athleisure” in nature (at best). Let’s be honest, most days I wear glorified pajamas. I’m not proud of this, but I don’t see anyone and I really (really!) appreciate comfort. Not sorry!


So obviously I don’t wear dressy shoes very often. Occasionally I do travel for work, and need to scrounge up my finest “business casual” attire, and sometimes even a suit (ugh!). I had to travel for business this week, and this is where my Rothys adventure started. I needed comfortable, but cute and professional shoes.

I’m usually the DSW Clearance Rack kind of shopper, and let’s be honest, Rothys are a bit pricey compared to the discount stores to which I am accustomed. I had a Visa gift card in my wallet just waiting for a splurge, and if these shoes are comfortable, good for our precious earth, and cute (and did I mention comfortable), then I felt confident spending my closely guarded gift money on a pair.

I’ve seen the commercials. I’ve read the blogs. I was convinced I needed these shoes in my life. They are EVERYTHING I was looking for. Real grown up shoes, helping the earth one water bottle at a time (fun fact: they have recycled over 45 MILLION water bottles to date – wowzers). If they are good enough for Mother Earth and Meghan Markle, then they are plenty good enough for me!

Decision time –

From the start I really loved The Point. To me, it’s a little more formal than The Flat, and it has a beautiful silhouette. I was concerned that The Flat was too casual for what I needed. This was the easy decision for me.

So what color? This was the hard part. I love the animal prints, bold colors, stripes, and camo, but I’m also a practical person. If I’m going to invest in these shoes, they need to work with most of my existing wardrobe. As much as I would adore hot pink shoes, it’s just not something I would be able to wear often (especially since I don’t wear dress clothes frequently to begin with). After spending what seemed like forever debating color choices, I confidently decided on Cloud Grey Birdseye.

To save a bit more, I used a friends referral code for $20 off my first pair (my code is here if you need one!) and I used my Rakuten (formerly ebates) account for 5% cash back (here is my Rakuten referral code for a $10 bonus).

If you sign up for Rakuten with my referral link, (FOR FREE HERE), you can get a $10 bonus, and I get a bonus too!

The other thing I love about Rakuten is that you can add the “cash back” button to your Google Chrome browser, and it gives you a little reminder when you visit a site that qualifies for rewards.

Back to Rothys – I normally wear a 9-9.5, so I confidently ordered a size 10 based on my research. Within a week I had my beautiful new shoes. Initial reaction: wow, they are SO soft! And the 10 fit beautifully – yay!

Now that I had received my practical yet fancy points, I really wanted a fun colorful pair too. I referred a few friends and earned some credits toward another pair ($60 worth!!), and I had a little of my gift money leftover, so I had no hesitations about investing in a second pair. I had my eye on the Fig Python flats, so I knew those would be my next pair. This time I ordered a 9.5, and I must say they fit perfectly! I was so happy with them, and they didn’t look “too casual” so I could still wear them with Business Casual attire.

These would also be perfect for weekends, running errands, going out to dinner…whatever. I really think I’ll get a lot of miles out of these babies!


I recently went on a 3 day business trip, and I was soo excited to wear my new shoes (maybe a little too excited, not sorry). Comfort is EVERYTHING to me, and when my feet hurt I am simply miserable and can’t focus on anything else. I knew my Rothys would not let me down….right?

Points vs Flats –

Day 1 of my business trip I wore the points for the very first time out of the house. Overall, they were extremely comfortable – far beyond the comfort of any flats I have previously owned. By the end of the day I was really ready to take them off though.

Maybe my feet are too tender from sitting in my house and not wearing shoes all day every day, but my heel was starting to feel an annoying rub, and my little toe was a bit squished. To clarify, this was nothing painful, and I have ZERO REGRETS about buying these, but after 10 hours I was done. The shoes themselves don’t require an actual break-in period, but I think my feet do.

The next day I wore my purple flats for the first time.

I must say that my feet never ached, pinched, throbbed, or rubbed – not once. I wore them for a FULL 10 hour work day, then out to dinner with colleagues, and they were wonderful!!

They were so great, that I wore them again the next day for a full day of work, then to the Airport to catch a flight home (a total of about 15 hours including a lot of walking) – no problems, no misery – holy moly where have these been all my life?!!


I fully expected to love my points to no end, but I think I’m actually a flats girl now. There were truly heavenly and I absolutely recommend them! I really like my points too, but the flats really wowed (and surprised) me.

Next up? I’m thinking sneakers or those square toed Merino Limited Editions (swoon!).

If you would like to give Rothys a try, you are welcome to use my $20 off link for your first pair. Full disclosure – I will also receive a $20 credit if you use it – so thank you tons in advance xo).

Don’t forget to sign up for Rakuten first, then launch Rothy’s through Rakuten to maximize your savings!

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Rothys Fever – it’s a thing, and I have it!

I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Rothys! I’m joking – but not really.

Apologies to those of you young enough to not get that reference (and you’re welcome, to everyone else).

Anywho… A few months ago I was at a business meeting, and my feet were miserable in my pointy evil torturous pretty, and business-appropriate flats. When I continued whining at lunchtime, a dear friend and co-worker, happily gliding through her day, said “oh, I”m wearing Rothys“. I replied “oh nice”….with no clue what she was talking about.

Long story short, I did a little research. I learned all that Rothys stands for:

  • Sustainable
  • Earth-loving
  • Fun
  • Comfort
  • Unique
  • Washable

So what’s not to love? I read a lot of recommendations for sizing – size up .5-1 size in points, .5 in flats, etc… I wear between 9 and 9.5 in regular shoes. I swear I’m a 9.25….will somebody please create this?!! My feet are a bit on the wider side too, so that adds a bit of complexity. Finally I decided I would go for the pointed toe flats in a 10.

(Update: I eventually bought a pair of the flats too. See my review here if you would like to read a comparison.)


Now the hard part. Which color? Do I choose practical, or fun? Maybe something in between? Neutral (but black or navy??… maybe grey?)….ugh decisions are so hard! It literally took me a week to pick a color.

My decision….(drumroll)…. Cloud Grey Birdseye. The perfect blend of cute, practical, and neutral.

I used a $20 coupon off my first order (here’s one for you to use, and I will receive $20 in credit if you use it, thanks in advance!):

I also used my Rakuten acount (yay free money!) to get 5% cash back. Here is a Rakuten referral link for a $10 bonus if you need one – (I get a bonus too, win win!).

If you want to learn a bit more about Rakuten (spoiler: I super love it!), you can read more here.

Oh, and did I mention, if you are a teacher you get an ADDITIONAL discount on select styles. (And, if you are a teacher, THANK YOU – you are super important and under appreciated, and you totally rock xo!)

My lovely points arrived about a week later, and as soon as I tried them on:

So yes, I am in love! So much coziness and they are super soft too. Much softer than I ever expected, considering the source (recycled plastic!). But they are also extremely durable. The points look a bit more formal, so they are perfect for work even though I feel like I’m wearing slippers. I want all the Rothys!!!! All. Of. Them.

Rothys coupon link for $20 off your first pair (and I get a $20 credit too, so THANK YOU!) – Enjoy!:


Can’t decide on points or flats? Read my comparison to help you make a choice!