How to score great deals on diapers (and other baby stuff)!

Are you looking for huge deals on diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, organic baby food, butt paste (yes, it’s a thing….and it’s wonderful), and more? You are going to love this!!

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One of my readers was super duper smart and scored an amazing deal on Huggies diapers. I wanted to share what she did with all of you, so you can learn to think like a savvy shopper.

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You probably know all about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. If not, you can read more about it here. There are plenty of creative ways to bundle and stack your savings. You may have to search to find the best deals, but sometimes it’s so obvious the deals practically find you!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Here’s the deal my reader scored:

3 packs of Huggies Snug & Dry (200 count) for a TOTAL of $54.20. That’s less than 10 cents per diaper!


Let’s break it down…

Huggies Snug & Dry (count varies based on size) is $33.71 on Amazon for a 200 count package of Size 1. Comparable products can be found at big box stores such as Target and Walmart, at a similar price per item.

Amazon currently has a promotion on this item for a $30 savings when you spend $100 – see details here (whoa, that’s a sweet deal in itself). Target has a similar deal where you will get a $30 gift card when you spend $100 (through 1/18/20).

And, if you are a prime member, you can take advantage of 20% off baby products with Subscribe & Save (when you have 5 items). This deal STACKS with the other discount for a huge savings!! I did a quick breakdown of the math for you here:

To unlock the $30 Amazon discount you would have to buy 3 packs, and at Target you would have to buy 5. Then Amazon takes off the 20% Subscribe & Save discount after the $30, which brings it down to $56.90 (for 3 packs!!!).


Here’s what my cart looks like since I already have subscribe & save items ordered, but you would need to add at least 2 cheapo “fillers” to get that 20% savings. If you need help finding fillers, or are looking for ideas, check out my list of Amazon fillers under $1 here.

So the takeaway here is this – don’t be afraid to get creative with your shopping. You can often stack deals (like subscribe & save with an additional promotion or coupon). Sometimes you have to add small fillers to unlock the full potential of the savings, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind price per product, since that’s how you can truly see the value of great deals. Remember, you can cancel your subscribe & save order even after the first shipment – there is no commitment.

Other ideas for this deal if you don’t want or need diapers – you can mix and match any of the following (see the complete list of promotional items here):

I’m so excited about these deals – can you tell?!! Maybe you don’t have babies, toddlers, or small children, but you may need gifts for relatives, baby showers, etc. Also, everything on this list would be wonderful to donate to a shelter 🙂

Here’s my list of Subscribe & Save fillers under $1:

I hope this helps you save bundles of money! Happy deal hunting!

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