Practically FREE Amazon Subscribe and Save “Fillers”

Are you looking for cheap subscribe and save items? You are in the right place!

Here is the ultimate list of Subscribe & Save “fillers” that are almost FREE. If you factor in your overall Subscribe & Save savings (using these as your 5th item), these are most likely money makers. And the savings can be substantial depending on what the rest of your monthly items cost.

Check out my post here to see how I made $9.00 by buying a bar of soap!

So as a follow up to my previous post, I have compiled a list of the absolute best Subscribe & Save fillers. All of these are under $1 after the 15% discount is applied (at the time of writing this post – please keep in mind that prices and availability are subject to change).

I’ll admit, some of these are pretty random. Who needs one file folder to be delivered each month (someone maybe!), but that’s not the point at all. The point is: you can add a $0.50 item to your monthly order and save $5, $15, $50 per month or MORE! Then, you can do more good by donating said item to someone in need. Collect the folders each month and give them to a local school, bundle up the toiletries and makeup and donate them to a shelter, or stock up on food items for your local pantry. This is a WIN / WIN / WIN!

(This post contains affiliate links directly to the items mentioned for your convenience – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases )

So, here’s the list of Subscribe & Save fillers under $1:

I hope this helps you save (and makes you) some money! Let me know if you found any other hidden treasures to add to the list! I’ll continue to update it if I find others as well.

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